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Hi im a big fan of RobloxTimes. Totaly not one of the owners😁.


My name is Christian.

Im from Galtvort.

Im a Griffingdor.

Im 112 years old totaly not any hint for some histories maby coming out soon...

I would like 5 theives as servants.

I would live at a hillside mansion by the beach.

Maby like have a tennis court.

Or a indoor garden space.

I may have some money.

But dont know what to use them on.

Maby a Rolls Royce.

Or a royal crown.

Maby a wand.

Ill pack by bags and go.

Bye bye.

Dont forget to suport RobloxTimes.com and maybe click some ads?



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    A Robloxian Citizen
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Christian Vincent Pettersen Gustavsen

A Robloxian Citizen
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