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500$ in Cash For the Winners!

On January. 29, Roblox announced both on their blog and Twitter they would do a giveaway. Furthermore, in a contest.

The contest lasts until February 19 at 1:00 PM PST (2021). That gives a total of 22 days to finish the task. The task is simple and saying you have to make the best avatar design to win. However, entering the contest is a little bit harder:

  1. First, you have to design an Rthro (a Roblox avatar with more humane characteristics than the original Roblox avatar) package, inspired by either; everyday jobs, back to school, streetwear, music, fashion, cyberpunk, future soldier, military, superheroes, magic, or ultra ninja.

  2. Secondly, you have to make your design into an image file. That is to make it easier for Roblox to see and evaluate it.

  3. Lastly, you have to follow Roblox's Twitter account and send them your designs under their post announcing the contest. Remember to give them the link to your Roblox profile and include the hashtag #AvatarDesignContest.

Remember to make your design from multiple sides. If not, it will be hard for Roblox developers to make them actual in-game ready avatars.

The judgment criteria are as follows:

  • Originality (your design should not look like other existing avatars)

  • Realism (your design has multiple human details)

  • Creativity (your avatar should be unique)

We encourage everyone considering entering to read the terms and conditions for the actual contest, as you know what your agreement is.

Is all of this worth the eventual 500$ prize? Let us know. Be fast to enter if wanted. The due will run out!


Girl holding American Dollar Bills by Alexander Mils on Unsplash


  • https://blog.roblox.com/2021/01/winter-2021-avatar-design-contest/

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