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How to Easily Make a 1000 Robux in Under 2 Hours


Getting free Robux can be difficult, especially when Roblox does not direct any of its users to these platforms. However, there are legit sites you can visit to make thousands of Robux in just a few hours. This article will guide you through one of the most effective ways to make Robux for free.

Image from Roblox Game: Escape RBX Money Free Obby Parkour! [EASY], by RicardoDevp

Multiple websites reward Robux to their users, but one stands out. Sharing opinions is something everyone does daily. Therefore, making money from it is a great opportunity. The money is not actual real-life money, but who cares when the money is Robux?

We will not keep the website a secret anymore: GemsLoot.com. This website grants you access to make Robux by simply sharing your opinion in surveys. However, there are some steps you have to follow before the online currency starts rushing into your Roblox account. Below, you can find a recipe on how to get started.

Easy 4-step recipe:

  1. Sign in to GemsLoot by writing your Roblox username, email, age, and gender.

  2. Select one of the survey platforms and click on the survey you want to do.

  3. Do the survey and earn the offer's coins.

  4. Transfer the coins to your Roblox account. The coins turn into Robux when transferred.

Once you have created an account, there are many surveys you can choose from. The rewards you get by doing each survey vary, as the amount of Robux earned per minute on each survey is different. Below we have listed some possible survey examples you might get:

  • 15-minute survey = 296 Robux

  • 10-minute survey = 150 Robux

  • 4-minute survey = 120 Robux

  • 3-minute survey = 50 Robux

Do not be afraid to finish all surveys because new ones appear regularly. After some surveys, GemsLoot allows boosting your coins by spinning the Daily Bonus Wheel. You can also participate in the GemsLoot lottery if you have made 15 Robux or more to win large amounts of Robux.

Lastly, if you do not want to spend valuable time doing surveys, there is always an open shop on Roblox. Here it is possible to pay real money for real Robux.

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