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R.I.A. 2022 Winners

Roblox Innovation Awards, earlier known as the Bloxys, has ended. And the winners have been announced. Let's cut right to the case and present to you the 9th annual Roblox Innovation Awards winners.

Not only did these people win honor, but also physical trophies to bring home and virtual ones for their Roblox avatars.

So that was it for this year's Roblox Innovation Awards (Bloxys). As said in an earlier post, anyone was allowed to vote in this annual event. Did you vote for the winners? If not, there will be another chance to let your favorite Roblox content creator win next year. You can even join the event yourself.

For more inside information about the Roblox Innovation Awards, we recommend checking out the Youtube video below:


  • Roblox Innovation Awards 2022: Complete Winners List - Roblox Blog

  • Roblox Innovation Awards | RDC 2022 - YouTube

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