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6 Short Things to Know About Roblox Innovation Awards

Updated: Jul 16, 2022

Roblox Innovation Awards has just been released, meaning there is a new game to play and six items to achieve for free. The new game event is Roblox Innovation Awards Voting Hub. This post explains how you can effortlessly obtain every desired item. Let us get right to it.

  • The first item is the Innovator's Gold Tuxedo. This item is obtained by just joining the new game.

  • To get the second item, which is the Gold 'n' White Curved Horns, you only have to leave the game and join back in.

  • Thirdly, the Golden Tucket Hat accessory is granted when walking under the immense Roblox logo in the main lobby.

  • The Painted Gold Jacket is redeemed right after you have done a task regarding voting on your favorite Roblox creators. This task takes place in the main lobby.

  • Somewhat harder to get, we have the Circlet of Patience headpiece. As the name implies, it requires patience to get this item. A little bit left to the spawn, there is an invisible parkour that gets revealed one part after another. Finish the parkour to win this item.

  • Lastly, get the Fragmented Top Hat by finding four shards spread around the lobby. The first shard is on top and behind a giant pyramid. Another one is in the middle of a golden Roblox logo. The third shard is in a part of the invisible parkour. The last shard is next to two cubes far behind the spawn.

When looking away from these items, you can vote on your favorite Roblox content creators to help them achieve an award. There are a few categories for the voting, for example, Video Star of the Year, Best Audio Design, People's Choice, Best New Experience, and Best Content Update. Voting happens in-game: Roblox Innovation Awards Voting Hub.


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