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Bloxy Awards 2021 Winners: Rigged?

The 8th annual Bloxy Awards has ended. There has been a lot of hype each year in the Roblox community towards the massive event. The event involves that Roblox congratulates creators for winning as the best of the best within different categories.

The winners of this year's awards ceremony have already been announced. But many people are not happy with the results, and rumors that someone rigged the Awards are spreading. Furthermore, are the rumors true?

There was a large amount of 24 different categories in this year's Bloxys. That means you or your creation had 24 chances to win, which is considerably low when you look at how many people participated in the event. Having that in mind, the winners are:

  • Best Game TrailerTower Defense Simulator by Paradoxum Games

  • Best Incubator/Accelerator GameTank Warfare by IndieBox Studios

  • Best International HitPrison Life by Aesthetical

  • Best Live EventRB Battles by RB Battles Games

  • Best New GameBrookhaven by Wolfpaq

  • Best ShowcaseGraanhaven, Rotterdam by Supersnel11

  • Best Sleeper HitSuper Doomspire by doomsquires

  • Best Use of TechTank Warfare by IndieBox Studios

  • Best Video Content CreatorKreekCraft

  • Builderman Award of ExcellencePiggy by MiniToon

  • Creator of the YearMiniToon

  • Game of the YearPiggy by MiniToon

  • Highest Total 2020 PlaytimeAdopt Me! by DreamCraft

  • Most Concurrent PlayersAdopt Me! by DreamCraft

  • Most Educational GameLua Learning by boatbomber

  • Mobile Game of the YearSuper Golf! by Nosniy Games

  • Most Immersive ExperienceWorld // Zero by RedMantaStudio

  • Most Installed PluginMoon Animator by xSIXx

  • Most Joined Roblox GroupThe Flamingo Fan Club by mrflimflam

  • Most Popular UGC ItemShadowed Head by maplestick

  • Most VisitsAdopt Me! by DreamCraft

  • Problem Solvercolbert2677

  • Roblox Video of the YearFGTeeV – Psycho PIG Music Video

  • Xbox Game of the YearPhantom Forces by StyLiS Studios

In recent years, more and more people simply think that the Bloxy Awards are rigged. And people are starting to criticize the event for being a popularity contest and not so much a contest awarding hardworking creators and their well-made games.


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*This article will be updated*

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