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Bloxy Awards Are Back!

Roblox's 8th Annual Bloxys has finally come.

Each year Roblox has an event called the Bloxy Awards. This time it will be the eighth one celebrated. Even Roblox thinks that this is a celebration showing the creativity, passion, and spirit in the Roblox community.

For those who do not know, the Bloxy Awards is easily said a Roblox event where nominees get the chance to be picked out as the best game/creator/singer within the various category. The best thing is that it is you that decides who will win.

The official event teaser is linked below:

There are six different categories, and each of these has four chosen candidates:

  • Best Game Trailer

  • Best New Game

  • Best Sleeper Hit

  • Best Video Content Creator

  • Game of the Year

  • Roblox Video of the Year

Do not wait! Make Roblox history and get yourself your very own pin shouting, "I VOTED!"


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