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Game Review: Brookhaven RP

The Roblox game, Brookhaven RP, was among the ten most popular Roblox games on the 15th of December, which means RobloxTimes had to review it. We reviewed the game in January. 27 2021. RobloxTimes made a table to write down critiques and scores. The best score possible is 110 points, and to get the legendary RobloxTimes Star, you need a total score of 100 points. That means that Brookhaven RP can only lose ten points for earning the RT-Star. Below you can find all the comments RobloxTimes made about Brookhaven RP. You can also see the scores given to the different categories.

The score we chose to give Brookhaven RP combined was 92, only 18 points away from the top score. A score of 92 is astonishingly good but unfortunately means eight points low for getting the legendary RobloxTimes Star.

Brookhaven RP's next chance to get reviewed and achieving the RobloxTimes Star will be in a half year. RobloxTimes think the score could get tremendously better by fixing the unused spaces in the maps. Maybe fixing this means an RT-Star is close.

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