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Gucci Clothes - Roblox Edition?

Gucci is a clothing and accessories brand from Florence made by Guccio Gucci. Their journey on Roblox started recently. Now they have captured thousands of gamer's attention.

The brand has actually been on Roblox a good time by now. They started on October 30th. Since then, they have realized 20 different clothing. All of these are available to buy on Roblox right now. The clothes cost all from 200 Robux to 50 Robux. Many of these materials are copied, and it is clear that the competition in the Roblox stores is big. December 29th, Gucci started making UGC items. The price range on these items goes from 15 Robux, the Gucci Lipstick, to the 900 Robux Gucci Guitar Case. They sell all from sunglasses to a GOLDEN DRAGON!

Check it out yourself, and be the clothing boss of your group!


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