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RobloxTimes has finally decided on which games to review!

Updated: Aug 9, 2022

We in RobloxTimes have finally decided on which games we will review. On Friday 15th, at noon New York Time, RobloxTimes picked out the ten games that had the most players at the moment. We also picked out three random, honorable mentions. All of these get the chance to compete for the legendary RobloxTimes Star!

The chosen games we will review, plus the players they had, are:

  • Adopt Me! - 469K players

  • Brookhaven RP - 347K players

  • Welcome to Bloxburg - 107K players

  • Tower of Hell - 107K players

  • MeepCity - 101K players

  • New Year! Royale High - 84.1K players

  • Murder Mystery 2 - 81.1K players

  • Piggy [BOOK 2] WINTER HOLIDAY HUNT! - 70.4K players

  • Jailbreak [Season 1] - 59.7K players

  • Bee Swarm Simulator - 50.2K players

The random games we will review are:

  • Build A Boat For Treasure

  • SharkBite

  • Lumber Tycoon 2

These games will get rated and have the chance to win the RobloxTimes Star.

There will be different categories we will use when rating games. Some have a bigger scale of score than others. Combined, the biggest score possible is 110. The table shown below will be used by RobloxTimes when scoring the various games.

Only the games that win the RT-Star (100/110 points) get to show the star itself on their game and have the claim for being labeled an RT-Star, high detailed and valued game. We understand that the games update from time to time. Regardless, these ratings only happen once. After all the games are rated, we rechoose new games to rate.

If you disagree with any of the coming scores, let us know.

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1 Comment

Filip Brænne Skaalvik
Filip Brænne Skaalvik
Jan 19, 2021

I like to play Big Paintball and Sky wars⛏️🗡️⚔️. Im proud of bi friend whit one of those who made RobloxTimes💚

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