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The Contests Have Begun!

Today, we are happy to announce that we will officially start our contests.

The contests will take place on our Forum, Twitter account, and our Instagram account. You can even email us (MrRobloxTimes@robloxtimes.com) a picture with the codeword #CPP, which stands for contest participant picture, privately. Participants, in other words, everyone who wants to participate, have to send an image following the ongoing theme. The contests are held one time each month and last throughout the whole month, and if no other information is given, all later challenges will start on the 5th.

The different themes and rules of contests will get announced at the beginning of each month. These rules and subjects can variate from time to time. All from having a task that says, "send in a picture showing the most magical scenery in Roblox" to "draw the most realistic Roblox noob" is possible. Sometimes the rules can be strict, while other times, looser. The looser contests have a much more open and airy theme, so be creative and think outside of the box!

Here comes the exciting part. There will be prizes given out to the winners. "What, winners?" We will, in some contests, have more than one winner that also gets a prize! The prizes will mainly be shoutouts, but later we will also award winners with money.

RobloxTimes thinks this is a good chance for small creators to gain attention on their platform. We will reach out to the winners and ask what they want to display on the award section on RobloxTimes. When we have reached out to the winners, they will have approximately 24 hours to say what they want to share.

Good luck!

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