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The New Roblox Game Award...

Updated: Jan 22, 2021

A new Roblox game award has arrived. Recently, Robloxtimes revealed that they would do game reviews and that only the best of Roblox games would get rewarded with an award like none other.

The award's name is RT-Star, short for RobloxTimes Star. The RobloxTimes Star is an award only given to high-quality games. Games that get this award have to score high on all of RobloxTimes's review criteria. The award is strictly forbidden for any other games or people to use.

That leads us to the next part of how to get the RobloxTimes Star. The total of points the reviewed games can get is 110 points. For achieving the RT-Star, you would need a large number of 100 points.

Then you may think, "Can you get multiple RT-Stars on a Roblox game?" The short answer for that is, yes! You can get, and hold on to, a max of three RobloxTimes Stars at a time, but this will be hard. It will even be difficult for most games to get one RobloxTimes Star, considering the games that get reviewed have to be among the ten most popular games on Roblox (when RobloxTimes chooses which to analyze). RobloxTimes have said that they would rate the different games twice a year, once each half-year. Therefore no one can get three starts within the end of 2021.

One of the last things RobloxTimes would like you to know is that the RobloxTimes Star is changeable, and if the majority would like a new design, RobloxTimes will gladly make it different. If wanted, we will, with pleasure, take inspiration from one of your concepts or drawings.

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