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What Roblox's New Visual Update Really Means

Rolling Thunder in Roblox. Image Credits: Roblox

On the 20th of July, 2022, Roblox's Product Director Josh Anon posted on his blog:

​"Today, we’re excited to announce that we’ve officially rolled out several advancements to our material system, moving them out of beta and into the hands of our broader community."

As the blog informs, there are new advancements in the material system. In other words, Roblox has updated the look of common materials such as glass, metal, sand, grass, and bricks. Below you can see a scene from Roblox before and after the update.

Image Credits: Roblox

As shown, the scene got more reality-like. That is because the update worked on physically-based rendering (PBR), which involves making the game feel and look as realistic as possible. As a result of the new rendering, reflection, shadow, and shading are improved.

Now, what does this mean in practice? Game creators have the chance to update their current textures in their games. If they want to keep the classic materials, they can. Roblox has also added a new tool in Roblox Studios for managing materials. For normal gamers, this should not bring any issues. Hopefully, the update brings more uniqueness to every game, which should be positive for anyone unless you hate realism.


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