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Friday 15th: New York Time

Updated: Jan 23, 2021

RobloxTimes will host game reviews!

There have been small talks about RobloxTimes doing different Roblox game reviews. That is true. RobloxTimes will, on January Friday, 15th at noon, choose the games that will be reviewed. Selected members in RobloxTimes will pick the ten most popular games on Roblox and give them the chance to win a prize. We will also pick out three well made, random games that also gets the chance to compete for a prize.

Yes, a prize. RobloxTimes will give out something that is called the RobloxTimes Star. Only the best of Roblox games gets the RT-Star. Games getting the RT-Star have placed high on all of the requirements. There are twelve of these, and each has a total range from 0 to 10 points. However, four exceptions have a score up to 5, and one requirement has a score up to 20. That makes the highest score possible 110 points. In the comments beside the scores, it can say if the score given is strong or weak. This is to let the creators and viewers know a more precise score for the games. The distinct requirements will also have alternative comments informing what the games could do better. You would need a total score of 100 for getting the legendary RobloxTimes Star.

The requirements are listed below:

  • Frontpage

  • Easy to find things

  • Clean and smooth game

  • Possibilities

  • First impression

  • Originality

  • Extra details

  • Gameplay

  • Concept

  • Graphics

  • Scenery (Does the map look good?)

  • Working map

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