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Roblox Gucci Town: Everything You Need to Know

Alessandro Michele has again decided to collaborate with Roblox to make another Gucci event. The ongoing event is named Gucci Town. This collaboration makes it possible for Roblox users to buy Gucci-branded clothes, accessories, and bags. Roblox has even added new hair. Some of these items can be bought, while others are achieved by completing different challenges. Further, we will look at what this event really means.

Gucci Town, as the event is called, is also the name of a new Roblox game, which happens to be the main topic of the event. The game has seven stations, including the Power-up Place, the Selfie Way, the Creative Corner, Vault Plaza, Mini Game Heights, and the Gucci shop. Below is a list with short descriptions of each station:

  1. First, we have the Power-up station. This station contains a sitting area where you can relax, take cute screenshots and chat with your fellow players.

  2. The Selfie Way. As the name implies, you can take pictures in a photo booth. A simple click of a button will automatically set up a background for eventual screenshots. There are two backgrounds, both showing Gucci's clothing.

  3. The third station is the Creative Corner, where the goal is to build artistic art pieces.

  4. Fourth, we have the Vault Plaza. Vault plaza is a section where you can examine different bags and read about their history.

  5. The fifth one is Mini Game Heights. This station is in a portal-shaped building, where you can play entertaining mini-games, ranging from Spleef to Color Block.

  6. Last but certainly not least is the Gucci shop. The shop sells luxurious Gucci items for your Roblox avatar, like the Gucci hairdos, bags, clothing, and caps mentioned earlier.

(Extra: Finish the Gucci Town tutorial for a free pair of Gucci sunglasses)

Most of the available items from this event are limited. Therefore, it could be wise, and even fashionable, to try and get most things the event offers before it concludes. The event ends on June 17th, so spend your time well.

Hope to see you in the next RobloxTimes article.

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