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"Oof!" Sound: A Money Maker! But, Do You Know the Truth Behind It?

Updated: Jan 2, 2021

The "Roblox" "Oof!" sound is one of the world's most famous gaming sounds to exist. People would combine the sound with Roblox and believe that Roblox is the mother of "Oof!" That is fake!

Even if you have heard the sound in some of Roblox's most successful games like Jailbreak, Mad City, and Welcome to Bloxburg, the sound is not from Roblox.

"Oof!" has also found its way into Roblox game settings when you turn up and down the volume. That has attracted a large number of gamers and viewers who have, in various ways, gained Roblox and its game developers an enormous amount of money.

Due to a lot of YouTube views, Roblox searches, and Roblox gamers, Roblox and its games have earned millions of dollars. While the real creator of "Oof!" has not gotten a single cent in perspective.

Then you may think, "But, who's the real creator then?" There is a simple answer to that question. The authentic sound maker is a man called Tommy. Tommy A. Tallarico (58).

The "Oof!" sound is not Tommy's only masterpiece. He has produced a lot of different game melodies and sounds. According to Wikipedia, Tommy's first musical project at Video Interactive was for the Nintendo Game Boy version of Prince of Persia.

"Oof!" was originally from a game called Messiah. Below you can find a YouTube clip where you can hear the original "Oof!"

Years ago, Roblox did not have as many players as it has now. Roblox was just not as popular nor as profitable as it is now. So maybe, Tommy did not think it was that big of a deal letting Roblox use "Oof!" for free. Today, however, Roblox is making millions, where a quantity comes from the "stolen" sound effect. Maybe Tommy regrets giving the sound away for free. Below you can see one of Tommy's tweets asserting that he would sue Roblox if they did not agree to pay him the money he thinks he deserves.

Do not be afraid. Tommy says that he and Roblox have come to an agreement, where both would make a salary. Tallarico would receive money from FX packs, and Roblox would get it from the number of gamers playing Roblox - through ads and the in-game shop. Sooner, Tommy came out with another announcement saying:

“It was great that we were able to come to a resolution with Roblox and they were very accommodating of the situation. It’s kind of funny to think that out of all the things I’ve done over my 32 years in the video game industry… I’m now just known as the Oof guy.”

Meanwhile, YouTube star Flamingo (Albert S. Aretz, 23) says that it is right that Tommy makes some money from "Oof!" That is because Roblox has already received a lot of free marketing and advertising from it. Flamingo thought Roblox got free marketing since when you heard "Oof!" or saw "Oof!" on a meme, you would immediately recognize it and connect it with Roblox. Free marketing. Albert says that he thinks it is fair that Tallarico makes money too. That occurs from the vast amount of money and fame Roblox has benefited from, connected to the world-famous sound, over the years.

Roblox agrees with everything Tallarico says about the agreement.

A Roblox spokesperson states, "We worked together to find a fair resolution that allows Tommy to become part of the Roblox community."

The Roblox death sound is not dead to Roblox, after all. Tommy Tallarico and Roblox agreed to a fair resolution, saying that Tommy would make different FX packs, four to be precise. These packs contain, among other things, the popular sound "Oof!" FX packs are purchasable sound effects coming in various bundled kits. Due to this resolution, you can now apply Tallarico's different sound effects, if bought, in your games without the worry of being sued. A pack can cost from USD 10.00 to USD 250.00. The different bundled kits are listed below:

  • Basic (100 sounds): $10.00

  • Developer: (500 sounds): $50.00

  • Standard (5,000 sounds): $100

  • Ultimate (10,000): $250

Thankfully, "Oof!" is in all of the packs!


The first illustration is made partly from a picture available on Flickr


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