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RIP "oof"

Gamers all around the world know about the characteristic "oof." This sound is featured in many memes but is most known as the death sound in Roblox. It is the reason for millions of happier people and millions in profit for the Roblox developers. However, in 2019, there were discussions in the media about whether Roblox was allowed to use the "oof" sound as they had "stolen" it from the original creator, Tommy Tallarico (click this link to read our explicit post debating all the different views on "Oof!").

​Originally "oof" came from a game called Messiah. Below you can find a YouTube clip revealing the original "oof":https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SV2AsMDgRNI

Today the world-famous sound is entirely deleted from Roblox due to licensing issues, as you can read in the tweet shown above. On the flip side, "oof" is replaced with a new default sound, launched on July 26, 2022. You can listen to this sound below:

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